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New state law requires local charter school to change its name

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The Della Lamb charter school will now be called Kansas City International Academy.

The change came from a new state law. Della Lamb had to separate its community center from the school to keep state funding more transparent.

The school serves kids from 15 different countries, and school administrators say in today's anti-immigration climate, they want to provide a safe place for the children of foreign families who move to Kansas City.

"I think it makes them comfortable they have an environment, a very welcoming environment, where the teachers are used to having kids from different countries," said Hal Havens, KCIA board president. "And the whole school is built around giving them a good place to learn and become part of America."

KCIA has several translators on staff who speak 15 different languages, helping these kids learn and assimilate to their new home in Kansas City.

"We want this to be a safe place for the kids and the families and know when they come here, they're welcome," Havens added. "We don't worry about the politics. It's all about education and giving them a great school."