Nonprofit hoping to get back antique piggy bank after early morning smash-and-grab

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A local nonprofit is hoping to get their antique piggy bank back. "Penny the Pig" was a mascot of sorts for The Whole Person, an organization that aims to help people with disabilities lead independent lives.

But early Monday morning, a thief broke in and stole Penny away. The crime was caught on camera.

Just before dawn, a man drove up to The Whole Person at 39th and Main and used a concrete slab to smash the sliding glass door.

Staff said they can't recall anyone breaking in before.

"I was shocked that someone would break down a door that probably cost more than the piggy bank had in it," said Monique Todd with The Whole Person.

Penny the Pig was the mascot for the loose change fundraiser, which had collected more than $1,000 since February 2016.

Staff said the piggy bank had about $60 to $100 when the thief took it. It's a small dent in their mission to help people with disabilities.

"It's not so much about the pig. It's not about the money," said Terri Goddard with The Whole Person. "It's really about the fact that somebody would vandalize a nonprofit organization that serves over 2,000 people with disabilities a year."

"One person's actions now has taken away from someone that we might have been able to help," Todd added.

The Whole Person said Penny is an antique, and even though they know it's a small chance, they'd love to get her back in one piece.

"She might even still be out there somewhere because ... her nose came out so they didn't have to break her to get to the money," Goddard said.

The Whole Person noted that there are computers in the lobby, but the thief only took Penny. They said regardless of her return or replacement, she won't be put on display again.

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