Apartment residents watched in horror as fire ripped through City Place construction site

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Royale at City Place apartment tenants say it was terrifying seeing the place engulfed in flames, and not knowing whether the fire would affect the building where people already live.

“I was at work, and around 3:45 my husband texted me because he works from home, and he said, 'can you come home right now?' And I said, 'Why? I have a 4 o’clock appointment.' And he said, 'the building's on fire,'” 25-year-old Sophia Zey recounted.

Zey, her husband, and their two dogs moved into the Royale at City Place in February.

“We just walked into the Royale one day, and it was so beautiful, we got lured in,” Zey said. “We looked at them in January, and they had just started leasing them in December.”

But all she could think about as she raced home on Monday was if there would be anything left of their new home.

“As I pulled onto the highway, on 69, I saw the smoke just going up, and I was terrified, I was freaking out, I was speeding, I was trying to get there as fast as possible,” added Zey. “Then he told me all the roads are blocked off, there are a ton of firefighters, so I should just turn around.”

So she did.

“We were pretty scared,” Zey said.

Although it was the building next door to hers, she was still concerned.

“With how big the flame was, I was afraid it would jump to our roof,” Zey said.

Everyone was evacuated; her husband grabbed their two dogs and went outside.

“They did a really good job of finding a place to stay for all their tenants, and the surrounding neighbors that were also affected,” said Zey. “They took really good care of us, they even brought dog food for our dogs.”

They returned home Tuesday morning.

“I really feel for the people whose homes have been damaged by the fire, I think they’re suffering quite a bit, and I’m so glad for the firefighters who really saved the day,” Zey said.

Zey says they love where they live and plan on staying, and hope this doesn’t dissuade anyone else from moving in either.