Metro allergy sufferers turn to locally sourced honey to stifle sniffles and sneezes

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Allergy season is in full swing and local health food stores say people are coming in requesting local honey to combat their symptoms.

“Most people either say I have allergies what do you recommend and that’s the first thing I tell them,” said Rikki Kluber, who works at Nature’s Own Health Food Market in midtown.

Kluber said it’s easy to work honey into your everyday routine.

“You can do the old fashion apple cider vinegar with honey and just do a quick shot in the morning to get you going,” she told FOX 4.

She said the way it works is simple.

“They make the honey from the actual flowers that we are allergic to getting all up in our sinuses,” she said. “Then, we eat the honey so it kind of acts like an immune support to the flowers that are around us.”

She said the key is making sure the honey is local to where you live.

“I always shop local and it’s only helped,” said Emily Wilker, who uses honey for allergies. “I actually think honey taste a lot better in coffee than sugar does.”