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Overwhelming amount of damage left by Overland Park fire leaves many families starting from scratch

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OVERLAND PARK, Mo., -- The clothes Pauletta Ashby and her son, Damian are wearing are all they have left.

"It’s overwhelming. I’ve lost everything. All I have is what I have on my back," Pauletta said.

"This is all that we have here, what we have on our persons," Damian said.

Their home was one of the 40 damaged in Monday's eight-alarm fire.

"It was a loud boom. I mean it was BOOM and the house shook and the windows rattled." Pauletta said, "I walked out of my front door, there is a fireman on my lawn watering down my roof and he said ‘ma’am you need to evacuate immediately because your house is on fire.’'

Damian and his mother had no choice but to watch as firefighters did their best to put out the flames but the fire spread to quickly.

"My home is a total tear down and a rebuild. The insurance company told me today that could take up to a year," Pauletta said.

Now all the Ashby's can do is wait and pray.

"In all honesty it’s pretty uncertain. Insurance companies don’t necessarily have the best reputation for moving with any kind of expedience so there is no telling when things will get taken care of, when we will be able to get back into our home, get some fresh clothes," Damian said.

Although their home is gone, they are grateful they are safe and alive.

"I could have been asleep, I could have been distracted and not realized the house was burning, I could have made the decision to not go outside at that time." Pauletta said, "Yes I’ve lost my home and I’ve lost everything in it but all of that stuff is replaceable. It’s just stuff."