Matador injured during bullfight in the worst way

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MEXICO CITY — So goes the old saying: You mess with the bull, you get the horns. One unlucky matador learned that in the very worst way.

On Tuesday, matador Antonio Romero sustained severe injuries during a bull fight when he was gored in the backside.

Well into the fight with a 1,160-pound bull named Caporal, Romero had already stabbed the beast several times before he made a crucial misstep.

Romero goads the bleeding, half-ton animal into charging the muleta, the red banner used in the final stages of the fight just before the matador makes his fatal thrust with his sword.

However, instead it was Caporal who delivered the critical piercing blow, after he unexpectedly tossed his head high, catching Romero’s arm, sending the man tumbling. As he rolled helplessly on the ground, the bull dropped his horns, driving one 11 inches deep into the man’s nether region.

Thoroughly defeated, Romero was rescued by fellow matadors and rushed to a hospital with severe injuries.

Dr. Rafael Vázquez Bayod told Univision (translated) that “the goring is very serious, very serious, a very, very severe injury in the anorectal region. It was a very powerful horn that completely destroyed the anal sphincter and seriously damaged the rectum.”

Romero was photographed several days later giving a thumbs up in the hospital.

“The patient is fine, he has endured the surgery perfectly, a serious situation that endangered his life at a time because of the severity of the injury, but the damage is already controlled,” surgeon Juan Carlos Sanchez told Univision (translated). “The next 24 hours for tomorrow to start rebuilding the anus.”

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