Random act of kindness raises funds for Popeye’s worker to go to school for nursing

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KANSAS CITY, Mo – A Kansas City random act of kindness is catching on, with people all over the country joining in. A chance encounter at a fast food restaurant, will now change the life of a young Kansas City woman. She doesn’t even know, but a stranger, has helped to raise more than $2,000 for her to go back to college.

It all started with one positive thought, mixed with a little fried chicken. Don Carter was in a Popeye’s drive thru last night, picking up dinner after a long day. He struck up conversation with a young woman working at the window and she started telling him how she was working to go back to school.

“I said oh? Go back to school for what? To be a nurse. What kind of nurse? She said it doesn't even matter. I thought she is really exhausted. I just saw that spark and potential in her,” Carter said.

As he drove home, Popeye’s in hand, he couldn’t stop thinking about the young woman’s spark and how he could help.

“Literally crunching on the chicken and this thought dawns on me. What if you pay for her to go to school?”

One thought, put into action. Don started researching how much it costs to get a CNA license: $1,500.

“I was like, we could do that, I have 1300, 1400 Facebook friends.”

He created a GoFundMe last night, putting out a plea to his Facebook friends. He wrote, “what if 300 of my friends donated $5.00 each?” He woke up to a big surprise the next morning.

“It was pretty incredible.”

People all over the country saw the GoFundMe, in just 24 hours, Don surpassed his goal, raising more than $1,700 for the girl at Popeye’s.

After this story aired, that figure jumped to over $4,400 overnight.

“Taking the risk of doing something good for somebody else, regardless how they receive it, for me, that's where life has it's joy.”

She has no idea, any of this is happening. He hasn’t quite figured out how he’s going to tell her but plans to soon.

To think, all it took was one positive thought…

“Man, what if we all started to take part in that? Even just in this city, you know, if we started to treat each other that way or just had the mind to treat each other that way, what kind of city would we have?”

If you’d like to help, you can donate at the GoFundMe page.

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