Shooting in Winstead’s parking lot raises concern for safety on the Plaza

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police are investigating a shooting in the Winstead’s parking lot just east of the Plaza.

Police said they got a call about shots fired Saturday night around 10:45 p.m. at the restaurant near Emanuel Cleaver II Boulevard and Main Street.

“The Plaza is right there, that’s a really nice area, but towards that direction, it’s probably a little rougher toward the east,” said Ashton Farris.

Farris and her boyfriend live just a few blocks from the Plaza.

But they said they are concerned about a handful of shootings that have happened around Winstead's, including one over the weekend.

“I don’t necessarily feel unsafe here in particular, but I feel like if you’re out anywhere in this area at night time, you should definitely keep an eye out for yourself,” Farris’s boyfriend, Chris Aurigemma, said.

They just moved to the Plaza area in January, and said they visit this Winstead's often.

“Too much, at least once a week,” Farris added. “I like it here. I like the food; I like the ice cream; it is 24 hours, so when you just want to eat late night.”

This is the third incident in the same general vicinity in just a few months.

In August of 2016, some Kansas City college students said a group of teenagers attacked them in an attempted robbery here.

Then again in October of 2016 a woman, her 11-year-old son and a classmate were coming home from a school dance, when they were surrounded by a group of young kids.

They said one person threw a rock and broke the back window, came around to the front, opened the passenger door, kicked her son and punched him in the face.

While police said no injuries were reported this time, Aurigemma said he would never let his girlfriend come here at night alone.

“I’ve lived in Kansas City for a while, I know it’s probably not the smartest idea, I wouldn’t even have her walk around the Plaza late at night, just because there’s been a lot of shootings,” Aurigemma said.

They said this probably won’t stop them from visiting the popular restaurant, but it will certainly make them more vigilant.

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