Students describe anxious moments during lockdown, evacuation at Oak Park High School

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- "We had the cops bust into our room, everyone was scared," Emily DeLuca said Monday when she was finally able to return to Oak Park High School with her mother and pick up her car.

The school was evacuated after a student threatened to hurt students with "a gun and other means" earlier in the day according to Jon Bazzano with the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

That threat came into the school via phone about 9 a.m. The North Kansas City school went on a lockdown, as students anxiously tried to get a hold of their parents.

“Mason was texting me that they were safe in their classroom but they had them locked in, but he could hear cops in the hallway telling somebody to put their hands on their head,” Laurie Draughon, an Oak Park parent said.

Fifty police officers from Gladstone, Kansas City and Clay County descended upon the school, soon they were in Emily Deluca’s classroom.

”We had our hands on our head and everything and everyone was freaking out about it," DeLuca said.

Investigators say they questioned eight students, according to students inside the school they all had the same first name.

“The cop came in and he knew the kids name so he told them to get up and get on the ground so he got him and put him on the ground.”

Students were eventually led out of the school with their hands on their heads, where busses were waiting to take them to Staley High School so they could be picked up by their parents. One student had to be captured by police when he made a run for it from the school. Police say they don't think he was involved in the threats.

The bomb squad spent several more hours in the school, before finally giving the all clear.

“I think they should take it always serious because you don’t want to mess around with a situation like this lives are at stake," Oak Park Junior Adam Bechthold said.

But Deluca says the fact investigators didn’t find anything suspicious in the school, doesn’t necessarily make her feel better.

“That person is still out there, so that kind of makes me nervous because I have to go there every single day and I have to deal with that," she said.

North Kansas City School officials said they decided in conjunction with law enforcement to keep the school locked after the police investigation because reopening it to students to retrieve their belonging after hours would have caused logistical problems.

Oak Park High will reopen at 7 a.m. Tuesday to students. An additional school resource officer will be at the school.

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