In a twist, woman who plucked package off a Kansas City porch returns with unusual explanation

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A woman was caught on camera stealing a package off a Waldo porch, only to return 48 hours later to do something surprising.

Surveillance cameras rolled outside Anthony Everhart’s home on W. 84th Terrace just before noon on Tuesday. The video shows a mailwoman dropping off a package.

Less than an hour later, another woman gets out of her car, walking onto his porch and stealing a package that was just delivered to this doorstep.

“You feel violated,” Everhart said. “Someone`s come on your property and violated your surroundings, stolen from you, at that. It`s not a good feeling.”

Everhart said the box was filled with random items he ordered through, including thermometers, a dog bowl and a children’s book for his kids titled, “What If Everybody Did That?”

“Which I kind of found the irony in that, ‘What if everybody did that?’” he laughed. “No one would get any packages...”

Everhart said there was nothing of real value to him in the box – to him, it is more about ethics.

“People work hard for their stuff, for what they have and obviously you don`t,” he said of the stranger. “If you put half the effort into finding a job as you did stealing my package, you`d probably have a pretty good job.”

This father now feels unsettled, despite his slew of high-tech security cameras – cameras that also caught a surprising twist when the accused thief showed back up at his family's house 48 hours later to return the stolen items and offer a handwritten sorry note.

“What you got there?” you can hear Everhart’s father-in-law saying on the video.

The woman responds, “These are the packages that were taken off your porch a couple days ago by me. I thought I was helping a friend out.”

The stranger apologized to Everhart's girlfriend and her father – calling the situation a “careless mistake,” and claiming she got confused while picking up a package for a friend.

“I thought it was weird because we have cameras everywhere, so...” said Everhart’s girlfriend.

“Right…” the woman responds.

Everhart’s family’s confusion and shock delays them from immediately calling police, as they try to comprehend an excuse Everhart just isn't buying.

“I don`t quite believe it,” he said, “but hey, she tried to do the right thing. I think it`s more that she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar and doesn`t want to face the repercussions.”

Other surveillance shots show the same woman, along with another woman, dropping off fliers at people's doorsteps. It's a job Everhart believes they’re doing as a cover for casing homes.

After he posted his video to social media, dozens of people in his neighborhood claimed to have seen the same women on their porches. Police are now investigating.

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