Rescuers help 11 elephants, including baby, escape mud-filled bomb crater in Cambodia

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Courtesy: BBC News/WCS/Kong Sothin/Khang Soeung


CAMBODIA — Eleven Asian elephants were rescued over the weekend after spending four days in a mud-filled crater left behind by a bomb explosion.

Asian elephants are endangered species and there were eleven of them trapped in the swampy water, three adult females and eight juveniles.  Local farmers found the elephants and realized they were trapped, the BBC reports. The farmers notified the Department of Environment, who called on the World Conversation Society to help in the rescue.

The first ten were rescued fairly easily, but the baby had trouble getting out.

“That the last elephant to be rescued needed everyone to pull together on a rope to drag it to safety is symbolic of how we have to work together for conservation,” said Ross Sinclair, the country director for WCS in Cambodia.

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All images courtesy of WCS/Kong Sothin/Khang Soeung/E.L.I.E.

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30 MAR: Watch rescuers help 11 elephants, including a baby, get out of a mud-filled bomb crater in Cambodia. The endangered animals were rescued on Saturday, after spending four days in the swampy waters, according to officials. The drama took place in the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary in Mondulkiri Province. When local farmers realised the elephants were trapped in the depression last Friday, they notified the Department of Environment, who in turn notified the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS). The conservationists were able to mobilise a rescue effort, supported by provincial authorities, local people, and the Elephant Livelihoods Initiative Environment (E.L.I.E). There are believed to be only several hundred of the endangered Asian elephants in Cambodia, according to conservation groups. All images courtesy of WCS/Kong Sothin/Khang Soeung/E.L.I.E. For more on the rescue: #Elephant #Elephants #Conservation #Animals #Cambodia #Asia #BBCShorts #BBCNews @BBCNews

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