Security video captures final moments of Independence police chase following officer shooting

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Austin Blackwell and his employees at P&A Details had a front row seat to a very startling scene.

"Over here is where you’ve got the officer, got out of his car with the stopsticks and he is getting ready to deploy them. He stops traffic and just threw them out into the street. Over here is where you see the police chase start," Blackwell, the store owner, said.

Surveillance video from his car detail business shows the final moments of Wednesday's police chase in Independence. But it's what wasn't on camera that was the most concerning.

"At first we just saw the cop and we really didn’t hear anything at first, and then it was just sirens after sirens," Laura Zans, an employee, said.

"That’s when the guy flew by, hit the spike strips, went into on-coming traffic, and then stopped up there, and then all the cops chased him," Jacob Boyd, the shop manager, said.

"We watched one guy get taken out of the car and get arrested and then one guy fled up the street. A couple of officers chased him up there and walked up that way," Blackwell said.

Zans said seeing the suspect flee caused fear to set in.

"To see him run and not to see him caught was kind of scary because it was just around the corner. He could have come back, he could have hid in our shop at any point, and locked himself in one of the rooms," she said.
Police quickly arrested him something Blackwell's staff were grateful for.
"It was nice to see because we hear more bad stories about cops and how they aren’t doing what they should and they are just pulling people over for random stuff. But knowing that they are actually doing what they needed to to catch two really dangerous people was really nice and to see everyone form together in one unity is really amazing," Zans said.
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