Indiana woman rescued by trooper after man attempts to force her to be his wife

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SOUTHPORT, Ind. -- An Indiana woman is safe after she was rescued from a bizarre, harrowing situation that unfolded inside her car.

Police said a man tried to drive her hundred of miles away to force her to marry him.

Fortunately, a state trooper who spotted them and brought the terrifying ordeal to an end on the highway

Indiana State Police Trooper Joseph Malone hasn't patrolled these roads for more than a few months, but it only took him a few minutes after two 911 calls to rescue a woman from her plight.

"I actually pulled over in the exact spot I'm in now,"  Trooper Joseph Malone said.

That's where court documents said he found 19-year old Kung Cem in the backseat of a car with his pants down, on top of a woman who was screaming and fighting.

"My training just kicked in. I just removed the situation. I neutralized the threat," Malone said.

Malone got the teen out of the car, and into handcuffs.

"You could see the general relief coming off the lady's face as he was in handcuffs," he recalled.

A suspect locked up, and a woman saved from a disturbing situation.

Court documents show the woman met Cem on Facebook, but when the woman stopped talking to him, he showed up uninvited to her cousin's wedding in Southport.

The woman told investigators he took her phone, and when she got in his car to get it back, he wouldn't let her out.

And as Cem started driving south on I-65, she tried to save herself by throwing the car into park.

"The defendant had told the officers that he had come to Indiana specifically with the intent of taking the young woman back with him to his home state of Georgia, with the intent of having her be his wife," Johnson County Deputy Alex Hamner said.

That plan was thwarted as soon as a passerby called 911 and this trooper arrived.

"We're there for her we'll always be there for her and the public," Malone said.

And it's the public this trooper is giving all the credit.

"I greatly thank the public because if the public didn't say anything this situation would have escalated to an even worse situation."