Ofc. Wagstaff’s friends overwhelmed by support from community

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Some of Officer Wagstaff's best friends and coworkers put together a fundraiser for him and his family, getting an overwhelming response from the community.

On a blue barrel, is the face of a man who has caught the hearts of people all over the metro: Officer Tom Wagstaff.

Independence police officer Josh Shrout worked with Tom for the past 15 years.

"Tom is a fantastic guy. You definitely want him by your side. There's nobody better nicer than Tom Wagstaff," Shrout said.

He helped put together a last minute fundraiser for Ofc. Wagstaff at the Valley Speedway in Grain Valley.

"We're collecting for the Officer Wagstaff family."

Every single person stopped to donate, including a group of three young boys, whose father has taught them all about Wagstaff and how he put his life on the line to protect them everyday.

"He's doing his job keeping us safe. I appreciate it. We just pray for his family."

Each clink of change, hitting the bottom of the barrel, a small gesture from complete strangers, who are praying for Ofc. Wagstaff and are thankful for what he did.

"Just keep hanging in there. Get better. We love you."

Donations can be made at Officer Tom Wagstaff's GoFundMe page.