Rainy day halts search of area where 2 sets of human remains were found, one identified as Jessica Runions

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PECULIAR, Mo. -- Weather derailed the on-scene investigation of remains found in rural Cass County this week. However, on Wednesday evening, the Jackson County Medical Examiner identified one of the two sets of remains as Jessica Runions.

The investigation on the ground was canceled for Wednesday, and expected to resume at 8 a.m., on Thursday, where more than 100 investigators will scour the area.

Police think the other set of remains may be those of Kara Kopetsky, who disappeared in May 2007.

Earlier report from the scene:

Kylr Yust, 28, was involved personally with both women and has been charged with burning Runion's car. Yust was the main suspect in Kopetsky's disappearance, but has never been charged with a crime involving Kopetsky.

Terry Magelssen, who lives across the street from where the remains were found near State Route Y and East 233rd Street, says the discovery has been unnerving.

"I originally saw yellow tape going up and I thought the rock quarry was getting ready to clear trees and maybe start blasting, said Magelssen," and then I saw the sheriff's car and then I knew that something was up.

The tape was not caution tape, but crime scene tape, surrounding the isolated plot of land which Magelssen says is undeveloped woods owned by a nearby rock quarry.

"Nobody lives over there, there's really no need for anybody to be there, there's no trespassing signs posted," said the Cass County resident.

Monday, someone was trespassing on the quarry property. Looking for Morel mushrooms, the hunter stumbled upon human remans.

Sources tell FOX 4 that the area around the rock quarry has always been a place of interest for Kopetsky's family, because witnesses say Yust was seen in the area on the day Kopetsky disappeared. That was 10 years ago, around the same time that Magelssen moved in.

"The word I use is creepy, it's unsettling, it is unfortunate, disturbing, sad," said Magelssen, "I mean I have gone through a lot of emotions just trying to put this all together while I watch these professionals work out here."

Police are not saying how long it will take for the remains to be identified. Kopetsky's mother Rhonda Beckford says she is, "not very patiently waiting," for the identification of the remains.

Runions father John says he is going to try not to get too upset before he has concrete evidence as to who the remains belong to.

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