TV repair shop makes Problem Solvers Hall of Shame

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Update 4/6/17: Allstar TV has now returned the Creagers' money, so Allstar TV has been removed from the Problem Solvers' Hall of Shame. Read original story below.

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Ellen Creager wants to know why it has taken a month to repair her television.

"I'm beginning to wonder what he's doing with it," said Creager, of Independence.

Creager and her husband dropped off their seven-year-old Mitsubishi 50-inch television along with a $50 deposit at All Star TV Repair on East 23rd Street in Independence a month ago.

"The man was supposed to deliver the TV back to them the next day," said Kemberly Creager, the couple's daughter.

But the next day the owner of the repair shop James Rieken called to say he'd need more money before he could even start the repairs. He wanted an additional $311 in cash.

"So he (my husband) went down and got the money and gave it to him," Mrs. Creager said.
That was March 3rd. So where's the television?

"He's made excuses that he's been sick," Kemberly Creager said. "There's always excuses."

The last excuse was that a second motherboard needed to be ordered from California. But two weeks has passed since then and Creager doesn't think the mail is that slow.

She said what disturbs her most is that her elderly parents even chose to do business with the shop.

"I don't know any businesses around here that you take something to repair and they want all the money upfront," Kemberly said.

Not much is known about All Star TV Repair. The Missouri Secretary of State's Office shows it just applied for the name this year. The Better Business Bureau in Kansas City has no record of the repair shop. But the BBB had heard of owner James Rieken. According to the BBB, Rieken also operated a TV repair shop in Pensacola, Florida. The BBB gave that shop an F rating, saying it failed to respond to multiple customer complaints.

While FOX 4 was watching, Kemberly called All Star TV to inquire about her parents' television. There was good news. Owner Rieken told her he was putting a new motherboard in that very day and would be delivering her parents television by Saturday.

"It should be tonight or in the morning," Rieken said.

Except Rieken wasn't telling the truth. The TV never came. The next week, FOX 4 Problem Solvers paid All Star TV Repair a visit and that's where we found both Rieken and the Creagers' television. Rieken said neither of the two motherboards he ordered for the television ever worked.

"And that's the problem with Mitsubishis," he said. Rieken then promised Problem Solvers that he was going to give the Creagers' back their television and their money that very day.

"I'll be giving it back to them this afternoon," he told us. Except he didn't. That is why James Rieken and All Star TV Repair are now official members of the FOX 4 Problem Solvers Hall of Shame.

The following day Rieken did give the Creagers' back their television, still broken, and has yet to return their money.

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