Woman making wristbands to support Independence Officer Wagstaff gets flooded with requests

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Since FOX 4's original story aired on wristbands being sold for Officer Tom Wagstaff’s family, the organizer said she’s gotten hundreds of requests.

The Independence woman who has never met Officer Wagstaff spent the evening selling more of the wristbands at the Independence Police Department. More than $1,200 has been raised so far, and more wristbands are on the way.

“If one goes down, we all come together and help out,” said Heather Parsons, who bought four wristbands on Wednesday.

You might start seeing people around town wearing wristbands with the saying, “WE BLEED BLUE FOR OFFICER WAGSTAFF.” Hundreds of them have been sold in support of Officer Tom Wagstaff and his family.

“Officer Turner, which is my old man, is an officer himself, the thin blue line runs also with spouses, so we all stick together,” Parsons added, “I dread that phone call, or having officers showing up and knocking on my door.”

But the organizer said this has gone even beyond the law enforcement community, or even beyond the metro.

“I’ve just gotten hundreds of requests on Facebook and hundreds of emails, from all across the country,” said the organizer, Barbara Wiseman.

Wiseman said she’s gotten messages from people as far as Florida wanting wristbands to show their support.

“It was a lot more than I could have ever anticipated,” Wiseman said.

Wiseman said her idea was simply a way for her family and the community to raise money for Officer Wagstaff’s family, and 100 percent of the proceeds will go to them.

“They’re having to be away from their jobs, some of his family lives out of town, travel expenses, however they need to use it, however his wife and boys need to use it, it’s up to them,” added Wiseman.

“Showing support for him and his family is great, and that’s what she needs right now is the support from everybody,” said Parsons.

Besides buying bracelets, people signed a poster-board, which Wiseman will bring to the hospital for the family in a few days.

Wiseman said they will be selling more wristbands the rest of the week.

If you're interested in a bracelet, contact Barbara at: cwbw4754@sbcglobal.net

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