Special team of investigators to conduct scaled back search in Cass County

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CASS COUNTY, Mo. -- Investigators will return Friday to search for more clues in Cass County where two sets of human remains were found earlier this week.

Authorities say the search will be scaled back and may include digging into the ground.

The wooded area just south of Belton near East 233rd and Y-Highway has been searched three times since Monday.

Forensic specialist David Frayer believes Jessica Runions' remains were identified so quickly because her skull and teeth were still intact.

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He believes her case was ruled a homicide because investigators found bone trauma like a knife mark or damage to the skull.

Jessica Runions on left and Kara Kopetsky on right

He believes that investigators are looking for more bones to make a case for Kara Kopetsky because hers would be more difficult to identify because of the ten years that have passed.

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Frayer says what's next is extracting DNA from the bones that have been recovered. He says he hopes it won't long for Kara's family's sake.

"There are too many things that happen, predators, trampling, wind blowing. All kinds of natural occurrence that would scatter the bones," Frayer said. "That poor family has been waiting all this time. To stretch it out for another year must be awful."

Cass County Sheriff's Office says if any additional remains are recovered they will be sent to the Jackson County medical examiner's office.

Watch the video below to hear Frayer explain the process of identifying bodies when only bones are discovered.