The pain of her loss always present, Jessica Runions’ friends remember her amazing spirit

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The memories Brooklyn Grant has of her best friend, Jessica Runions, will never be forgotten. But the pain of her passing still lingers.

"She was an amazing friend, an amazing person, she has always been there," Grant said. "It still hurts that she is gone.There is going to be an amazing sister missing, amazing daughter, amazing friend, someone that would help anyone at anytime if she could."

Kendrik Watkins said anyone that knew Jessica could tell she was special.

"Her smile. It’s her smile. She lit up the room with that smile," Watkins, Jessica's high school friend and coworker said,

"She left a really good impact. Like a good physical, emotional impact. She was there man. She was the one person you could count on."

And they could feel it in her hugs.

"She did bearhugs. Like she’d run up to you in the middle of the hallway and almost knock you over to hug you," Grant said.

Alicia Bellisario said it didn't take long for she and Jessica to connect while working at the Foxwood Springs Retirement Home.

"She was somebody that if you didn’t know her you loved her as soon after she walked into the room and you started talking to her," Bellisario said.

Bellisario said Jessica appeared in a dream nine days after her disappearance in September 2016.

"It was her, her mom, and her two sisters. She jumped up on the table and said I’m back. She came up, gave me a hug, and said I’m safe and happy and basically that I’m home. I felt like she came and said goodbye to me. I take peace in stuff like that," she recalled.

And it's that peace Brooklyn hopes others can find before it's too late.

"If you got friends that you only talk to every once in a while and you fall of that you should really reach out to them more often because you don’t know when they can leave or when they won’t be there anymore," she said.