Tempers flare in Ferrelview over ordinance requiring drug tests for new board of trustees members

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VILLAGE OF FERRELVIEW, Mo. - A board of trustees meeting got heated in Ferrelview Tuesday night. Much of the frustration stemmed from a city ordinance passed last November that said new board members needed to take a drug test. The city attorney spent his last night in office explaining that the ordinance was unconstitutional.

"If you are elected by the people it's the people who voted for you, so therefore democracy prevails and my recommendation to the board is that you do not have to take the drug test," said William Quitmeier.

Quitmeier said the board can require drug tests for appointed officials, but not for these trustees because they are elected.

Of the three new board members who were sworn in on Tuesday, two refused the drug test but one had already taken it.

"I feel like I was tricked into it, it was an invasion of my privacy," said Melvin Rhodes.

New trustee Teresa Wilson said she refused the drug test after talking to a lawyer.

"They were invading our privacy as private citizens demanding that," she told FOX 4.

Ferrelview Police Chief Daniel Clayton kept a close eye on the fired up crowd and almost kicked on person out of the public meeting. Clayton was not in uniform and said he was off the clock, but he was using body camera equipment.

Quitmeier, who served his last night as city attorney on Tuesday, said if the new members would not have been sworn in after refusing the drug test, the village could have a lawsuit on its hands.

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