Cat in the outfield steals the show at Miami Marlins game

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MIAMI — Alongside big league athletes, one cat in Miami showed off some athleticism of its own.

The cat somehow made its way onto the field during a Miami Marlins game Tuesday night and interrupted play when it was spotted huddled under the padding against the outfield wall.

When Miami’s Giancarlo Stanton and ballpark groundskeepers were unable to show it a way out, the cat took matters into its own paws.

“Look at this cat! Terrific stuff by the cat! Outstanding!” said one MLB announcer as the cat leapt onto a chainlink fence and scaled the wall effortlessly.

The cat paused briefly as it reached the top of the chainlink fence, but it seemed to just be getting its bearings, as it quickly scurried to the top where it could rest on top of a sculpture on the other side of the home run wall.

The crowd was definitely rooting for the feline, as a massive cheer could be heard as it reached the top of the barrier.

Marlins left fielder Marcell Ozuna later said the cat remained up there for four more innings before scampering away sometime before the last inning.

There is no news where the cat ended up, but with skills like that, it can go pretty much anywhere it wants.

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