Metro woman stunned by brother’s drowning says she’ll remember his warm smile, sense of humor

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A metro woman took the most devastating phone call of her life: her little brother's body was found in a Kansas City lake on Tuesday night.

Zakkery Wiebusch, 22, was pulled from Bales Lake late Tuesday night. Family says his radio-controlled boat got stuck out in the middle of the lake. He swam out to get it and accidentally drowned.

"He swam out too far. There was a drop off. He couldn't swim and make it back," Kaileigh Wiebusch said.

Wiebusch is still having trouble catching her breath. It was just hours hour earlier when her younger brother headed out to Bales Lake with some friends to test out a radio-controlled boat. When it stalled in the middle of the lake, friends say Zakkery jumped in to get it. Minutes later, the 22-year-old disappeared. His friends panicked, jumping in after him but it was too late.

"They tried, they couldn't... they got help," Wiebusch said.

Zakkery's friends frantically called 911 and reached out to his family. Soon after, he was found in the lake and pronounced dead.

"I was in disbelief. Fear. A lot of pain," Wiebusch said.

A day later, she remains in disbelief that her little brother and other half is gone.

"It still feels unreal, like they'll call at any moment and say it wasn't him," she said.

She says he will forever be remembered for his warm smile and pick me up any time she needed it.

"His jokes, they were so corny. You would be like 'oh god, here we go again,'" she said.

But now, Wiebusch says one of her little brother's corny jokes is all she wants to hear.

"I would do anything to have him here telling them now," she said.

For more on how you can help Zakkary's family, click on this link.

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