Two KC natives making big strides in filmmaking industry

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- From Kansas City to a galaxy far, far away and back again. That`s the journey of filmmaker Morgan Dameron who is back home to screen her film "Different Flowers" at the Kansas City Film Festival.

FOX 4's Russ Simmons had the opportunity to speak with Dameron and the stars of her movie, Hope Lauren from "Supergirl," and Emma Bell from "The Walking Dead."

In the video above, Dameron explains her journey from Pembroke Hill to working with director J.J. Abrams on "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" to directing her first feature film.

Russ Simmons also had the opportunity to speak with Alex Haughey whose film "Prodigy" also screened at the KC Film Festival. In the video above Haughey explains why he decided to show his film in black and white instead of color, which it was shot in.

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