Photo of smiling Salvy and son is too cute

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Royals catcher Salvador Perez has a smile that is contagious, and it looks as if his littlest son may have inherited the trait from his father.

Perez shared an adorable photo of him holding his now seven-month-old son Wednesday just before taking the field against the Oakland A’s.

The seven-month-old looks just like daddy. From his Royals baseball cap to his Royals shirt, there’s no doubt these two are related.

Perez posted the photo with the caption that translates to, “My seven-month-old with dad. I love you, son. May God take care of you always.”

Check out the photo below.

We hope to see many more of these sweet smiles.

At the end of January Perez shared a video of him surprising son Salvador Jr. that warmed hearts everywhere.