Running red lights, revving engines and popping wheelies, Plaza patrons decry four-wheeled nuisances

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Drivers and pedestrians in the metro are raising concerns about a growing scene. Teenagers have been spotted riding around on motorcycles, dirt bikes, even four wheelers on city streets.

They’re running red lights, driving off the road and doing wheelies. Country Club Plaza patrons and businesses are wondering why the police aren't doing anything more to regulate this.

“I think it`s annoying more than anything, I don`t think it`s exactly safe because there`s a lot of families around, we come out, I walk my son around to use his scooter,” said Courtney Collado, a Plaza patron.

Collado said she`s on the Plaza almost daily. She said she's seen large groups around town on motorcycles, dirt bikes, scooters, ATVs, you name it, and she's certainly not the only one.

“My friends who work down the street have said they`ve seen it around their stores, or trying to get to their cars at night, and friends who come out to dinner or go out on the Plaza,” added Collado.

“It definitely affected our business,” said Kimrey Kent, who’s a manager at Classic Cup Café.

She said she's worked at the Classic Cup Cafe for six-and-a-half years, and said she sees it all the time.

“It does happen often, the weekends especially, when it`s nice weather, 47th Street becomes kind of a dragline,” Kent added. “Doing stunts and stuff that`s not safe, and going way too fast for a walking mall area.”

Missouri law says it is illegal to operate motorized bicycles and scooters on public streets and highways unless the operator has a driver's license. This also applies to the popular mini-motorcycles.

Anytime one of these devices is operated on a Missouri roadway they must abide by the same laws governing a motor vehicle.

It is illegal to operate an ATV on Missouri roads and highways unless the ATV is owned and operated by the government for official use, or operated for agricultural use between the hours of sunrise and sunset.

“We get complaints daily about it,” Kent said. “All of the headlights light up our dining room, they rev their engines, we are an open air café, so a lot of our windows open up, and it floods with sound pollution, you can`t hear your customers, you can`t hear your guests, you can`t hear the person you`re sitting with talking you.”

Kent said they`ve reported it to security and police many times.

“When you`re spending good money to come out and enjoy yourself, and something affects the atmosphere and the ambiance, it makes you rethink, why would you want to spend money somewhere, when you could go somewhere else and not have those issues,” Kent added.

“A lot of my friends have young kids, and they`re just trying to be out having a good time, and it`s not the safest environment with groups of mopeds and ATVs,” said Collado.

FOX 4's Melissa Stern reached out to Plaza security and Kansas City, Missouri police. Plaza security said they refer these types of issues to police. Kansas City police say they can`t track the number of these types of complaints, and said they were unable to comment on this at this time.