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Brookside community rallies to support employees of closed restaurant following blaze

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The rebuild begins after flames broke out at a Brookside restaurant Thursday morning and damaged three businesses. The fire happened around 5:45 a.m. when flames began shooting from the roof of Plate near 62nd and Oak Street.

Now the community is coming together to help the staff of the Plate restaurant that will remain closed until further notice.

FOX 4's Melissa Stern spoke to owner of the restaurant earlier on Friday, and while he wasn’t up to speaking on camera, he did say the community support is amazing and it’s hopefully what will help everyone recover.

“People put their blood, sweat, and tears into these things,” said Dani Revord, a member of the Local US Bartenders' Guild.

She`s spearheading an effort to raise money for the staff of Plate.

“We`re just trying to get the staff through, so there will be a job for them when they come back,” Revord added.

Firefighters are still working on a cause, but initial reports pointed to the back of the restaurant. Now staff members are out of work for an undetermined amount of time.

“You have to kind of think about how it would affect you, because restaurant workers are usually paid somewhere between $3.65 to $15 an hour, and so a lot of people don`t have money saved up, because servers and bartenders live off their tips,” Revord said.

In total three businesses were affected, and only one opened for business the day of the fire. The other two are sidelined for now.

“My family owned a restaurant in Michigan, and I can`t even imagine what it would have been like to go through that, my heart breaks for everyone, not only are you in a scenario where people are wondering what they`re going to be doing for money for the next amount of time, but they just expanded into a new space,” added Revord.

Revord is helping raise funds to help their employees, and is working with local liquor brands, local venues, and national sponsors to throw a soiree in the next month or two.

“We`re also working with local restaurants and community members to find places for them to work in the interim,” said Revord. “Take care of the people who take care of everybody else.”

For more information and ways to help you can contact Dani at, or visit this link.