Do not be deceived by calls that appear to come from Johnson County government

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Photo by Francis Dean/Deanpictures

OLATHE, Kan. — The caller I.D. on your phone may show you’re receiving a call from the Johnson County, Kan., government office, but the district attorney there is warning residents that the government’s main phone line has been imitated and to be on guard.

Residents have reported receiving calls from a very professional-sounding person, telling them they have to appear in court for alleged check fraud.

Steve Howe, Johnson County District Attorney, provided an example of a voicemail allegedly sent from 913-715-5000, the government’s main line:

This is Case investigator Ross calling in regards to a complaint against (call recipient’s name and age). After a thorough investigation of this affidavit, I do find that the documents forwarded to my office do indeed support the order for (call recipient’s name) to appear in court on alleged check fraud. I would like to speak with you prior to signing off on the paperwork. I can be reached at 844-804-6078. This is a listed toll-free number therefore you should have no difficulty returning this call immediately. Pre-trial docket number to reference this call is 108444. Be advised failure to respond leaves me no choice but to authorize execution of any and all paperwork referencing your appearance in Johnson County Court service of which is due to be executed not only at your residence but also at your place of employment (call recipient’s name) docket number 108444. You have been notified.

The district attorney’s office tells residents not to be intimidated by this type of call and to call the Consumer Hotline at 913-715-3003 with additional questions or concerns.