Royals host autism awareness night, providing a comfortable experience for those affected

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Friday night The Royals hosted autism awareness night at Kauffman Stadium. The Royals organization partnered up with Autism Speaks Kansas City for the event. Staff said the goal was to not only bring awareness to autism but to make the stadium more comfortable for people who have it.

"Everyone knows someone who is affected by autism," said Tracie Howell, Senior Coordinator for Autism Speaks.

Inside the stadium on Friday night there were special concession stands, meant to encourage people with autism to place their own orders. Staff members were trained to communicate with individuals who wanted to try it out. They even offered a visual menu for people with autism who aren't verbal.

"Somebody may want to come up and actually order a drink and have the opportunity to communicate with them in a different way than might be typical," said Howell, who has child with autism.

There were also quiet zones and sensory tents inside Kauffman Stadium Friday night. The purpose was to offer a space for people with autism to go to escape the overstimulation of a baseball game.