Witnesses say ‘speeding’ driver hurt after crashing in Kansas City front yard

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Several witnesses and neighbors say just after 1 on Friday afternoon they ran near 23rd and Hardesty in Kansas City and saw an overturned white, Chevy Malibu sitting on its roof.

"Man it sounded like a mini bomb. It was real loud," said neighbor Charles Jones.

"Just a big, old kaboom. I head it a block away and then I ran around here and saw them pulling her out of that car," said neighbor Mary Lannan.

Inside the crumpled car was the disoriented and trapped driver.

"She had her seatbelt on. I felt so bad for her. I mean I don't know if her steering wheel wasn't working well, but yeah, she was driving fast though and she flipped," said neighbor Alizea Looney.

Witnesses told police the woman drove south bound on Hardesty, apparently speeding, got to the top of the hill, lost control of the vehicle and crashed in a couple's front yard.

"She turned the wheel, hit the brakes and the car just kept spinning at least three times," Jones recalled. "When I ran outside and saw that car and all that, all I could do was say a prayer for her."

"That car was smoking and it looked like it was gonna blow up so we ran and sprayed some water on it and around it, and then my daddy got in the car and tried to pull her out," said Looney.

However, Looney's brave effort to save the woman proved futile because he just couldn't move the trapped woman.

Minutes later, neighbors tell FOX 4 that Kansas City firefighters and paramedics arrived, got the woman out and rushed her to the hospital.

"She looked like she was hurt pretty bad, but at least she appeared to be conscious," neighbors said.

Strewn across the scene were lots of pieces of glass, pieces of the woman's car and several of her personal items tossed across sidewalks and a couple's front yard.

FOX 4's Robert Townsend later learned the couple was not home when their concrete steps got busted and a wood railing knocked down as a result of the single car crash.

By late afternoon, a spokesperson for the Kansas City Police Department said police were still investigating the crash and the driver was still in the hospital.

"It was a blessing wouldn't  nobody else in the car especially kids," said Jones.