37-year-old motorcyclist dies after falling over edge of ramp at I-70 and Minnesota Ave in KCK

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Police on Sunday said a driver died after he lost control of his motorcycle on a ramp and fell over the edge.

The crash happened around 2:40 p.m. on a ramp at Interstate 70 and Minnesota Avenue in KCK.

Master Trooper Tiffany Bush with the Kansas Highway Patrol told FOX 4 the driver, 37-year-old Casey Bezdek, took the ramp too fast and lost control, falling off his motorcycle and tumbling over the edge.

A husband and wife told FOX 4 they came across the scene, at first just seeing the motorcycle and a shoe. The wife said she immediately became suspicious and called 911.

"The motorcycle was still on and that she was there and it was kind of awkward for us to see that and nobody was up there and nobody was walking around so we were like 'something bad happened,'" the wife said.

The couple said they exited the highway to drive below the roadway to see if they could find the driver, who is from Kansas City, Kan.

Sure enough, he was below the ramp and people were trying to resuscitate him.

The curve has a suggested speed of 30 miles per hour. Visible tire scuff marks could be seen at the scene of the crash.

State troopers said they believe the driver took the turn to fast, and that this is an area where that happens often. Right now, they don't know how fast the driver was traveling.

Police said the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet and eye protection at the time, but it wasn't enough to protect him.

Right now, police said there is no indication that another vehicle was involved in the crash.

Interstate 70 and Minnesota Avenue in KCK. Photo via Google Maps.