Police say chase suspects found hiding in trunk of car may be linked to Argosy shooting

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Kansas City Police may have suspects connected to several metro crimes, from an aggravated assault at an area casino to several stolen vehicles. The break in the case came when an SUV wouldn't pull over.

Police tried to get the driver to pull over at 93rd and Blue Ridge Boulevard Sunday afternoon. Instead, the drivers of that vehicle took off, leading police to a neighborhood near Bannister and James A. Reed Boulevard.

Police said the suspects in the Yukon circled the area -- the Bannister Acres neighborhood near 96th Street and Overhill -- for a few minutes before that SUV came down the street.

"They were driving like 50, 60 miles per hour," said Shadid Sheih, who lives across the street. "One of the guys had opened the door and was touching the ground and there was, like, sparks of fire. It was, you know, so intense."

The three men inside that Yukon bailed out at a dead end mere yards away from Sheih, ran through several backyards, and then ran into a townhouse.

Kansas City police found them moments later. All three of them were hiding in the trunk of a black Nissan which was in the garage of the townhouse.

Police said they are familiar with the two adults and one juvenile, and the townhome's occupants are too. Police said they are related to at least one of the suspects.

Neighbors like Sheih, however, said they had no idea what was going on.

"I could hear choppers hovering over me, and police care sirens, and I figured it was a police case, so I just thought it was best to get in the house."

The three are now in custody and the investigation continues. Part of that investigation will involve Riverside Police.

Riverside officers came down to Kansas City to investigate the possible connection between the men here and the Argosy Casino aggravated assault on Saturday.

Kansas City Police said the suspects may also be involved with several stolen vehicles in the metro area. Officers also said the Yukon, the car that raced down Overhill carrying the three men, was stolen as well.

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