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Kansas City man charged in four bank robberies across metro area

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Prosecutors on Tuesday announced that a Kansas City man has been charged in connection to four bank robberies across the metro, three of them in the past two weeks.

Tam Henry Holmes, 56, is charged with four counts of bank robbery, that in total amounted to more than $25,000 in bank losses.

Holmes is accused of robbing four banks in Independence, Liberty, and Kansas City. Court records state that the first robbery took place at Central Bank on Independence Avenue in Kansas City on Nov. 16, 2016. He allegedly walked up to a bank teller and pressed a note against the glass and repeatedly whispered "seven hundred," to the teller, who at first could not read what was on the note and did not realize it was a robbery. The teller eventually turned over $450 to Holmes, who then left the bank.

Prosecutors said the next robbery took place when Holmes entered Bank of the West in Liberty on April 1 and handed the teller a demand note. Holmes reportedly left that bank with $8,300.

Two days later, Holmes entered the Greater Kansas City Public Safety Credit Union in Independence, court records say, and showed the teller two notes written on post-it notes that said, "this is a robbery. Don't pull any dye packs, bail or alarms. I know where you live." At that point, the teller handed himĀ $12,205 in cash from her drawer and he left the bank.

Then on Saturday, Holmes allegedly entered First Federal Bank of Kansas City, in Independence, and held up a handwritten note that said, "give me all the money, hurry up, or I will hurt you." Holmes left the bank with $4,050.

Holmes is held in federal custody. His first court appearance is scheduled for Thursday.