Mom mourns daughter killed in Kansas City car crash, prays for answers

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A woman's 23-year-old daughter died on Monday after police say her car collided with another vehicle. The crash happened along the Chouteau Trafficway Bridge.

Family members talked to FOX 4's Robert Townsend on Tuesday about their concerns.

"I had a birth certificate and now I have a death certificate, and I shouldn't have both of them right now," said a weeping Kay White, who's now mourning her youngest child, her daughter, Krealonna Willis.

"I knew when Krealonna was 2 years old that she had a spirit for life. She was just so outgoing, caring and very spiritual and she just loved everybody. She never knew a stranger," said White, who now lives in Atlanta.

"I'm here in Kansas City because I'm just in limbo and I need answers. I need to know what really happened to my daughter," the mom said.

She said on Monday she got a heartbreaking telephone call from one of her other kids. She learned Krealonna was driving her cousin's car when her daughter was killed in a car crash.

"You never expect to get that call. I lost my baby. I lost my baby," said the grieving mom.

Police say Krealonna was in a red Saturn and a man was in a black Mustang when both traveled south on the Chouteau Trafficway Bridge side by side.
Investigators say within moments the Mustang driver sideswiped Krealonna's car and forced it into a concrete wall along the bridge. Krealonna died when police say her vehicle rolled over three times.

"She was a talented songwriter, singer, and gifted graphic artist, who designed her own T-shirts and if you were a business owner and needed a logo, she'd create you one immediately. She always wanted to see others achieve their goals," said White.

Police questioned the Mustang driver and say they're still looking into the crash, including exploring the possibility of street-racing.

"Krealonna was a new driver and I know she would not have been racing. I don't believe a Mustang could have sideswiped her old Saturn and the driver say they were racing. I want to know if there are any cameras in the area. I want to know if someone else saw the accident. I just want all things answered and right now those police officers have not called to tell me anything," said the frustrated mother.

"My cousin had such a big heart and it's a shame we really don't know everything about that crash and what happened to her. She was so looking forward to celebrating her 24th birthday next month," said Krealonna's cousin.

"On Friday she was so excited about flying to Atlanta to spend a week with me. She should not have died at 23. She never even had children," added White, who plans to stay in Kansas City until she talks to detectives about the deadly car crash.

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