Money on the line as KC waits to learn how many NCAA Championships we’ll host during next five years

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- On Tuesday the NCAA will announce host cities for the next four years of championships in every sport – with Kansas City in the running to win several of these bids.

This year alone, Kansas City will see a $55-million boost to the economy for hosting an NCAA Basketball Regional, Division II Football and soccer, and the Women’s Volleyball finals.

The Kansas City Sports Commission turned in bids for 55 championships between the fall of 2018 and spring of 2022. The nine sports are basketball, volleyball, football, hockey, soccer, cross-country, wrestling, gymnastics and bowling.

"When we put a bid together, we put a page in our bid that says, if you award us wrestling, for instance, we have someone on staff who was a collegiate wrestler," said. Kathy Nelson, KCSC President and CEO. "We have someone else on staff who worked on the Olympic trials for the University of Iowa. And she knows how to run the event."

Four years ago, Kansas City won hosting duties for 13 championships and two rounds of basketball – more than any other city in the nation – and there’s several reasons for this. One, Kansas City shows up. Sports Commission officials say we do a great job of buying up tickets and filling seats for these events. For example, Kansas City sold out the Basketball Regional before Christmas while other venues still had tickets for sale up to the last minute.

Secondly, the entire city works as a team with set-up, security and creating a great experience for the athletes. Finally, it’s all about location. Being in the center of the country means schools don’t have a travel all day to get to a championship venue.

"Being central centrally located is very helpful," Nelson added. "Being a three-hour flight anywhere in the country is a huge game changer for people because if your student athlete in Florida and you were event is in Seattle, that's a long travel day."

The NCAA will make their announcement around noon.

"There's a lot of publicity, there's a lot of media exposure, but there's also that direct dollar spend in our community," Nelson said. "These people are coming to our community, staying for two, three, four nights, spending money on a hotel, eating out, using transportation, and they're realizing what Kansas City is all about."

FOX 4 will let you know how many championships Kansas City gets to host – and whether we get more than the 13 bids we won last time.

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