Multiple charges filed against pair police say shot man at point-blank range, left him for dead in Higginsville

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HIGGINSVILLE, Mo. -- Prosecutors filed charges on Friday against two men they say shot a man earlier that day and left him for dead with lottery tickets strewn in his lap in Higginsville, Mo., then continued on a crime spree.

Allen J. McCray (L) and Victor Linton (R).

Allen J. McCray, 19, and Victor Linton, 23, were both charged with first-degree robbery, unlawful used of a weapon, resisting arrest, first-degree assault, two counts of tampering with a motor vehicle, and three counts of armed criminal action for their alleged actions.

According to the probable cause statement, the suspects stole two vehicles, shot a man, and led officers on a chase through Lafayette County.

Just after midnight, police said the victim was sitting in his truck and scratching lotto tickets.

McCray and Linton pulled a stolen vehicle into the Break Time gas station on 13 Highway at about 12:30 on Friday morning. Chief Smith said they missed the driveway, wrecked into the ditch and walked up to the building. That`s when they spotted their victim.

“He`d been in there, he had some scratcher tickets, and had a seat in his truck,” the police chief told FOX 4 in an earlier interview. "It was just bad luck for him. It could`ve been, I think, anybody parked in that parking lot would`ve been a victim."

The pair split; McCray went to the driver window, Linton to the passenger side, court documents say.

“As they approached the store, one of the suspects pulls out a gun. He didn`t shoot the suspect, he was trying to get the truck. The second suspect walks up and fires two shots through the passenger side window,” Chief Smith said.

The probable cause statement says the window of the truck shattered from bullets passing though the door.

Court documents say after Linton fired the two shots, McCray yanked the door open and fired four more shots at point-blank range. Of the six shots fired, four hit the victim.

“Struck two times in the arm, twice in the torso,” Chief Smith explained.

He said the men weren`t finished. They ran about a mile, across a field and down Beattie Road.

“They stole another vehicle from another resident within a mile of that gas station,” Chief Smith said.

Police chased them, used spikes to slow the truck down, and the chief himself made the arrest.

“I was coming from my house and got called out. I was able to come right out behind as they came out, and I was right there with them, and had another trooper and deputy,” he said.

They took the pair into custody and paramedics took the victim to the hospital.

“The good thing is we`re a small town, so when we have something like this, all of our resources go to solving the crime,” Chief Smith said.

He says he appreciated the help from the Lafayette County Sheriff`s Office, Missouri Highway Patrol, Oak Grove police, and Jackson County. He says that collaboration helped them push the case through to prosecutors on Friday.

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