Clowns from across the country converge on Kansas City for convention

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dozens of clowns from across the country and some from different parts of the world are in Kansas City this week. The convention, put together by the Clowns of America International, is underway at the Hilton Kansas City airport.

The clown convention isn't just for guests, but for the clowns themselves. There's a room where vendors set up tables and sell all kinds of clown supplies, such as big shoes, clip-on noses, clown makeup and much more.

Staff said the clowns also have opportunities to take clown training classes. Throughout the week the clowns will perform skits, have contests, do lots of juggling and make plenty of balloon animals.

"Clowns have a tradition of entertaining," said Mike Cox, with Clowns of America. "We have a long history of that and this our way, how we give back to the public really and to bring in smiles and happiness to the world right now."

Organizers said there are clowns from across the country at the convention, and one all the way from France. For many clowns at the event, they said this is their full-time gig. Some said they have taken classes to get into the business.

The event is free and open to the public. It goes all week and ends with a parade on Saturday. For more details, visit The Clowns of America website here.