Kansas City mom shot in the head says ‘it’s a miracle’ she survived

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- More than a week after getting shot in her head, the woman, still doesn't want us to reveal her name. Her family says they're still receiving threats after the shooting and they're all concerned about their safety.

"Man I'm in so much pain right now. I'm losing sleep. My kids don't really want to look at me because I look like this. Last night my nephew didn't even want to come and give me a hug or a kiss when I asked him to come here," said a teary-eyed, 21-year-old Kansas City woman.

"That night I was worried about everything. I just never thought I'd get shot, " the young victim told FOX 4's Robert Townsend during an exclusive interview Tuesday night.

"I'm just thankful to that God still has me here and that my kids didn't get hurt too," said the mom, who now wears a patch over her swollen right eye and lots of stitches and a steel plate in her head.

The woman told detectives last Monday afternoon she had a fight with several women. Hours later, the mom said as she was driving home near East 46th Terrace and Myrtle, several people in two black cars blocked her car, ambushed her and then a man hopped out of one one of vehicles and fired at least 15 bullets into her SUV.

"I was scared. My kids were screaming and after that first bullet hit me my body just felt paralyzed. I couldn't do nothing," said the woman.

She says after the gunfire the shooter and everyone involved all sped off.

"A woman I'd never seen ran up to me, opened my car door, held on to me and stayed with me until the paramedics and police arrived. Another neighbor ran up to me and I pointed to my cell phone and told her to call my sister and then my family all came. As far as my kids, God made it to where they did not get touched at all. Yes, they were crying a lot. They just wanted their Mama," recalled the young woman, who's four months pregnant

As for her unborn son?

"Oh, thank God my baby is okay. After I got shot I did have a lot of blood clots around the baby," said the young mom.

The woman says her prayers right now are that she continues to get well and that police will catch the man who shot her.

"If they just wanted to fight me it could've just been a fight, but to ambush me and get behind my car and shoot me while my kids were there, I feel is the lowest. They need to catch them. I'm just glad that I'm still here. God had his angels all around us," said the young mom.