New program aims to get more KC youth involved in summer internship programs

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- With summer around the corner, the deadline is approaching to apply for summer jobs and internships.

This year the Kansas City launched a new program to get more students out in the work force.

Currently 30,000 youth in the metro area not in school and not working, according to administrators with HireKCYouth.

"I think our goal in education is always to prepare you for the future, and to get them ready for that workforce," HireKCYouth teacher Zach Beall said. "So I think this is another way, an important way to do that. So we are working as teachers to help kids make the transition into the workforce, get that early experience and hopefully be inspired to increase their education, go back to school and climb the ladder."

The problem is that there are more students than jobs.

For the first time this year, students will be paired up with a teacher to offer an easier transition from classroom to a business. Students will check in with the teachers daily and have someone to hold them accountable.

"There is a huge gap in what industry expectations are and what our education systems are actually able to deliver," executive director of KC Social Innovation Center, Kari Keefe, said.

They also hope this makes it easier and less risky for businesses to want to take on summer interns.

The executive director of KC Social Innovation says this pilot program was inspired by a similar program in Philadelphia.

Summer interns get paid $10 an hour on average.

Click here to enroll. On the website you can rank the top businesses where you would like to work.

The deadline to enroll is Friday, April 28.