Brookside man robbed at gunpoint while walking dog

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Brookside man came face-to-face with a gun-wielding robber just feet from his home. The victim says the crook tricked him and then robbed him at gunpoint.

"We were out for about an hour and he just came on the side of us.The next thing I know he got out of the car," said Brian MacDonald about a man who would soon point a pistol at him.

"He first said 'hey can you tell me how to get to Chubbys?' I said, 'yeah, that restaurant is off Broadway' and then he said, 'hold on, I can't hear you.' So he got out of the car," the Brookside dog owner recalled.

What happened next, completely caught Brian off guard.

"He just pulled out that pistol and pointed it right at my face and chest area and said give me your wallet," said Brian.

"I really wasn't scared because it all happened so fast."

Brian says he quickly gave the robber his wallet.

"He stepped forward with that gun and said now drop it on the ground. I said fine. I dropped, ran home and then called police," he told FOX 4's Robert Townsend during an interview Wednesday night.

"I really don't think he was going to shoot me. I think he really just wanted my wallet. It's disappointing you know. There are bad people in the world. Now, I'm just kind of replaying in my mind what could I have done differently?" asked the lucky dog owner, who's just glad he and his four-legged friend are okay.

"Yes, just knowing they're okay is a relief to me," said neighbor Danielle Jean-Francois.

Meantime, police want to remind all pet owners to be smart, cautious and always alert when you're walking your dogs.

"I definitely watch my back when I'm out with my dog. I have my phone, my keys and I'm constantly watching cars that go by," said Jean-Francois.

"It's just so weird because you never think you have to be armed while walking your dog," said Brian Macdonald.

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