Protest held at Fort Osage High School after students accused of racially charged threat

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Dozens of students walked out of Fort Osage High School Wednesday to protest what they call a racially charged culture in the classrooms.​

The school district said two students used Snapchat earlier this week to send race-based threats to black students at the school.

A racist threat was made via Snapchat directed at Fort Osage High School students.

African-American parents and ministers joined students in the demonstration outside the high school.

They claim that racial threats against students are allowed to flourish in the school environment.

Angelique Hines has four children in Fort Osage schools. She claimed this is not the first racially charged incident her kids have had to endure.

And she wants other parents to stand with her in not tolerating any expression of racially based hatred.

"My concern is the safety of my daughter," Hines said. "There have been several issues at this school on different occasions. This one being the most severe, it draws a wide concern from me. I don’t know when I send my daughter to school in the morning, is she going to be ok?"

The school superintendent said the two students who made a racial threat Monday against black students on social media have been disciplined according to school board policies and are not in classes Wednesday.

The incident also is being investigated by the Jackson County Sheriff for possible criminal charges.

The superintendent said all threats are taken seriously and thoroughly investigated. Yet, some parents said more needs to be done to ensure minority students feel safe in school.

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