Following decade-long wait to have kid, area couple’s baby fights and survives after early delivery

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WARRENSBURG, Mo. -- After trying to get pregnant for 10 years, a Warrensburg family finally had their baby girl. Julie and Jevon McBride found out last Mother’s Day they were expecting their first child, but their excitement was quickly followed by devastation.

The couple said they were driving home from Whiteman Air Force Base when a car hit them head on. They said the other driver fell asleep at the wheel.

“He saw a driver veering into our lane and the lights just coming at us and said 'Oh my God, what are they doing?'” Julie McBride said, remembering the words that came out of her husband’s mouth that day.

The couple was rushed to the hospital, and doctors told Julie she would have to deliver her baby while she was only six-months pregnant.

“The next morning the doctor came in and he pressed around on my belly and he said you know we’ve got to get her out immediately,” Julie said.

Julie said she and her husband were lying on hospital beds next to each other and praying the baby would survive. She said they also prayed for the doctors and nurses who would be performing the delivery.

“It’s nothing but God, the grace of God for all three of us,” she said with a smile.

McBride said her daughter was born one pound and 11 ounces and fought for her life for many weeks after she was born. She said she has forgiven the driver who hit her and her husband.

“Focus on the road and what’s going on around you because there are other people’s lives,” said Jevon McBride.

The couple has a sign in their nursery that serves as a reminder for all of the days they prayed for their baby. It says: “We prayed 3,650 days for you.”

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