Multiple social media threats keep police, schools busy

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For the third time this week, a threat posted on social media has prompted a law enforcement investigation at a metro area school.

The latest school targeted is Center Middle School, near 103rd and Locust streets.

Police worked overnight at the school to make sure the building was safe when kids arrived for classes Friday morning.

Teachers and additional staff checked students as they entered the school in the morning after someone on Snapchat Thursday posted that they were going to cause harm to students and faculty at the school.

School leaders say they are zeroing in on identifying who made the threat.

"We are a small district," said Kelly Wachel, the district's communications director. "We have really good relationships with our parents and kids. We have a great situation where parents and kids are talking to us about that. Telling us what they think and what they’ve seen. That’s a really good situation for us to be in at this point."

On Monday a threat posted on Snapchat prompted school administrators in Fort Osage to take disciplinary actions against two high schoolers. Jackson county sheriff deputies also are investigating the posting, which threatened to kill black students at the school.

And on Tuesday, police arrested four teens in Hickman Mills after they allegedly threatened on Facebook Live to shoot up the district's freshman center. Police did seize an airsoft gun shown in the video.

School leaders say social media can be a powerful tool. And they will continue to teach the importance of being responsible users, by demonstrating that there are consequences for words and actions that put people in danger.

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