Shock and excitement as Blue Valley Academy surprised with new music therapy room

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- The Band of Angels surprised students at Blue Valley Academy Friday with a new music room and instruments.

It was a dream come true for these local musicians.

FOX 4's John Holt, Band of Angels, Meyer Music and Blue Valley Educational Foundation surprised the teachers and music students.

After seeing the new music room the students were told to go outside where a van full of new instruments was waiting.

They helped unload the van and brought the instruments inside.

The new room will be used for music therapy to give students a place to focus before and after school, even between classes.

A few teachers requested the music room, but only the principal knew their dream request was coming true.

"It's just going to make it better," junior Johnny Peguero said. "This school is just going to grow and how many people are going to come into this school. It's just going to be a great experience for other kids to come in and learn about not only art or music or school pretty much."

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