Following report of man touching himself in Northland movie theater, another woman shares similar incident

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Another woman has come forward, claiming a man stared at her, pulled down his pants and touched himself inside a Kansas City movie theater.

It's the second cinema creep case FOX 4 has heard this week, following a story Wednesday night about a metro mom and her 10-month-old son. They were at a Northland theater when a man began touching himself. Now another woman claims the same man did the same thing to her, in the same theater.

"I really didn't know if this guy would be crazy enough to come back to the same theater and he did."

Melody was in shock when she turned on FOX 4 news to see a woman and her young son: two victims who saw a masturbating man while they watched an animated movie. The two were seeing Boss Baby Wednesday, when the man pulled down his pants and started touching himself while staring at the little boy.

Melody's stomach dropped when she saw the suspect description, because she says the same man did it to her.

"We were seeing Meet the Joneses," Melody said.

It was in November. A clean-cut man followed Melody and her friend into the theater and sat one seat away from her. When the previews started rolling, the man took off his pants.

"He had put his leg over the chair that was in between us, he had his whole body angled towards me. He was looking at me the entire time."

She froze, as he masturbated for 20 minutes, staring at her the entire time. Melody says it felt like hours but she was too scared to move.

"We didn't know if we got up to leave if he had a weapon, if he was going to follow us out, if he is going to force us into a vehicle."

The man ran off, and she went straight to AMC management and police. She says she felt AMC didn't take it seriously.

"I feel like nothing was done about it. I want people to know in case this did happen again."

And it did, to Kelly and little Lincoln. Melody says she won't be surprised if more victims come forward and is demanding an answer from AMC. She says it was a day that traumatized her and shouldn't have to happen to anyone else.

"They're lucky that somebody didn't get hurt in this, they need to take this very seriously."

FOX 4 spoke with AMC management and asked them what they're doing to make sure this does not happen again. Management wouldn't answer specific questions but sent us a statement saying they are very disturbed by what has happened. They say they have identified the suspect and all information has been turned over to police.