#FeatureFriday: Fun facts you didn’t know about Mark Alford and Abby Eden

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Each Friday during the month of May a different anchor pair will be featured as part of #FeatureFriday. Not only will the pair share a few fun facts about their lives outside of FOX 4, they’ll also be taking over the FOX 4 Instagram account and taking you behind the scenes of one of their newscasts on Facebook live.

Fun facts about Abby Eden

Abby Eden as a baby

1) This is Abby’s 100% natural hair color
2) Grew up square dancing nearly every weekend
3) Loves to run!
4) Six of seven of Abby’s nieces and nephews are adopted

Abby and her nephew

5) Loves exploring “haunted” places and paranormal studies, but is terrified of the “haunted houses” that open up around Halloween time
6) Abby’s favorite foods are pizza, nachos, and cookies
7) She and her husband eat at Longboards every weekend

Abby and her husband, Tyler

8) Favorite places in KC include Loose Park and Nelson Atkins Museum
9) Got married at “Our Lady of Sorrows” in KC
10) Her parents have lived in the same Nebraska home for nearly 45 years
11) Her first car was her Grandma’s 1980 Chevy Citation

Abbys dog Milo

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Fun facts about Mark Alford

Mark sometimes likes to grow a goatee.

1) He can ride a unicycle
2) He takes three hot baths a day

Mark’s new puppies.

3) Mark has a collection of 20+ hats
4) He also owns a custom clothing company. “Mark Alford Designs”
5) Mark rides a Harley Street Glide

Mark and Gail Worth of Gail’s Harley-Davidson.

6) His favorite cigar is “Isla Del Sol” (A coffee infused cigar)
7) Mark likes paint watercolors

Mark painting with watercolors while on vacation while wearing one of his favorite fedoras.

8) Favorite beer “The Calling”
9) Mark’s favorite KC BBQ is Gates
10) His favorite Mexican restaurant is Chuys
11) He also sells real estate for Reece Nichols
12) Mark’s favorite bourbon is “Bookers”


Mark also likes to ride horses in his spare time.

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Here’s what happened when Mark and Abby took over FOX 4’s Instagram:

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