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KCKPD releases powerful new tribute one year after Det. Lancaster’s death

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The Kansas City, Kansas Police Department released a never-before-seen video Tuesday to honor fallen detective Brad Lancaster, exactly one year after his line-of-duty death.

"I’ve been keeping it under wraps for a long time because I just wanted when it was time, I wanted to release it at the right time," Officer Cameron Morgan said.

Chief Terry Zeigler said the right time was at 2:55 p.m., May 9, 2017 -- exactly one year after a man shot Det. Lancaster while he was checking out reports of a suspicious person in a casino parking lot. It's the anniversary of a date painfully etched into memory for those who knew and worked with Lancaster.

Zeigler was the first to see the video: a collection of some of the most powerful moments from the days that followed Lancaster's death.

"We know people are hurting and thinking about it and thought maybe that would help in someway," Zeigler said.

The chief also said the video tribute is fitting not only Tuesday, but down the road when Lancaster's family needs it.

"We want to make sure that the girls as they get older and maybe their memories fade, that we’ve somehow captured what happened to their father and the outpouring of support and all those things," said Zeigler.

Officer Cameron Morgan took his time on the piece, often stepping away when it was just too much.

"It was just something that I knew had to be documented because it was the first line of duty death that we’ve had in almost two decades. It's hard to watch. I tried to make the video a little bit uplifting at first when I first started working on it. I said, 'Well maybe I can spin it and make it a little more uplifting,' but the reality is, it’s all sad," he said.

Morgan called it an intimate look at Lancaster's service and final resting place.

"It’s images that you normally wouldn’t see just from watching it on TV or something like that. It’s really up close and personal," he said.

Morgan said there are moments that make him proud of the community and how everyone rallied around the department.

Both Morgan and Chief Zeigler hope the video helps remind people of just how much Lancaster sacrificed. "I think you’ll really feel that when you watch this video. You’ll really feel the sacrifice that the whole city kind of suffers where there’s a line of duty death."

The chief said he made sure Lancaster's widow approved of the department publicly releasing the video. He said he saw her at a church service Tuesday morning and that she and her daughters will always be a part of the KCKPD family.

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