Blue Springs barber who feels embraced by community puzzled by hateful graffiti at his shop

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- Blue Springs police are investigating a possible hate crime against a local business owner. A death threat and the "n-word" now greet customers at they enter Turn-N-Headz Barbershop.

The barber didn't expect to see threats and racial slurs written over and over and over again on the outside of his shop when he got to work Wednesday morning.

"I am hurt, I don't know if I should be taking this threat lightly or what," James Price said. "I am taking it very personal, hoping that it is kids or something. I don't think I messed anybody up too badly for something like this, you know?"

Price opened his shop along 40 Highway eight years ago. He and his wife chose to move to Blue Springs to raise their family because of the schools and suburban atmosphere.

"I have been received with love, felt like I am part of the community and I would't have ever imagined this happening really," he said.

Price has two other barbers who work with him, and he says although this is an urban barbershop in suburbia, about half of his clients are white or Hispanic. There is no racism inside his shop, only outside. He is struggling to understand what he calls the ignorance of hate, and has no idea why anyone would target him or his business with such bigotry.

"I pull out quality cuts, you know as you just seen, I treat everybody with respect and love I mean I would like to call this shop a Christian barber shop, I've got John 3:16 on the window, I am not afraid, I am not ashamed of my faith," he said.

"We are a human race. This racial divide has been going on for eons it feels like. People think that it is getting better but obviously nothing changed nothing changed."

Price says he doesn't have any cameras inside or outside of his business, but that will be changing immediately in case the vandal or vandals return.