DIY Network host crashes local couple’s yard and their watch party

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SPRING HILL, Kan. -- A Kansas City couple and landscaping company are featured on the most recent episode of the DIY Network show “Yard Crashers.” The host of the show, Matt Blashaw joined them at the Bowery in Spring Hill Wednesday night for a watch party.

Matt Blashaw said it was the first time he’s attended a watch party and doesn't like to watch himself on TV. He came back to Kansas City because a woman who happened to help out on the project transforming a backyard in Kansas City's West Plaza area, is now his fiancee.

Justin Salazar and Kim Flaherty were shopping at a local Lowe’s when Blashaw came up to them.

“We had been talking about let’s replace the deck that’s as far as we took it because we didn’t know what else to do,” Flaherty said before Wednesday's watch party.

“The yard’s small it’s just basically grass and it’s a little uneven," said on the show.

Soon "Yard Crashers" was in their backyard in the West Plaza with plans for a new deck, privacy fence and pergola.

“I’m going to bring a crew we’ll come back two days knock it out," Blashaw told the couple.

They called in local landscaping company Maverick Outdoors to help on the project which called for a living wall. Thomson asked longtime friend and potscaper Lindsay Archer to help.

“There were small pots that were placed on a cedar wall and I asked her, 'would you mind coming and taking a crack at it?' And she said, 'sure, absolutely,'” Thomson said.

While Archer was planting pots, Blashaw's eyes were planted on her.

“There’s just something about her, I was like I need to meet this girl, and Drew the contractor is Cupid because I asked him for her number.”

“We were just talking about life and he said he was ready to settle down and I was like oh that’s great," Salazar recalled of his time filming with Blashaw.

"Lo and behold he settled down with the flower girl," he said.

“I knew I’d fall in love with Kansas City, I didn’t know I’d fall in love in Kansas City,” Blashaw said.

“Our backyard is always going to be his favorite now because that’s how he met his wife,” Flaherty joked.

Archer and Blashaw plan to marry in September.