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KCK police pushing for community to ‘Address Crime Together’

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Kansas City, Kan. police are rolling out a new program to address crime in targeted areas.

The program is called ACT or Addressing Crime Together.

According to KCK Police Chief Ziegler, a majority of the violent crime in the city happens within this 1.2 mile radius from Grandview Boulevard to Pacific Avenue and from 18th Street to 7th Street.

In this area police say they saw 80 out of 286 drive by shootings last year, and they saw 14 out of the 47 homicides.

With the new program, people can expect to see more blue uniforms in the area during the next year.

Chief Ziegler says they will focus on crime issues such as homicides, robberies, gang activity and traffic safety.

They also plan to address blight issues such as abandoned houses and overgrown lots.

The hope is that the changes will make the community safer for people living, working and visiting the area.

Police are now asking the community for help addressing the crime and give feedback on your top crime concerns.