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KU student on crusade to find her missing dog ‘Ringo’

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A metro woman has launched an all-out search for her beloved pet. Two weeks ago her dog just seemingly vanished from her home, and "Ringo" is still missing.

Ringo is a black and white long-haired chihuahua whom Hillary Robertson has affectionately called her baby for the last three years.


"He is my baby and I'm so scared not knowing where he's at," she said.

The rainy morning of April 27 started out as a routine day for Hillary and Ringo. The 24-year-old KU student says she let her dog out in her backyard to use the restroom. Hillary says she ran inside just for a minute, and when she got back to her front yard, Ringo was gone.


"It feels like a huge piece of me is ripped out and it's just painful," she said.


Hillary is now on a crusade to find her dog. For the last two weeks she's posted more than 2,000 fliers and hundreds of posters around her neighborhood, on her car and reached out to shelters. The worried pet owner also sought help from pet trackers and rescue groups, but so far, not one sign of her lost Ringo, and Hillary is just an emotional wreck.

"You care about your friend, your family member. If something were to happen to them and they go missing it hurts, and it's the same with an animal. That was my family," she said.

A quick check on Craigslist shows on any given day you'll see dogs for sale, and Hillary is praying no one is trying to do that to her Ringo.

"If you have him and you're just now seeing this, please contact me," she said.


Hillary is offering a reward for the return of her dog. Anyone who sees the lost dog can call (316) 640-0862.